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Rosie Hetherington - Biography

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Rosie Hetherington
Date of Birth: 
9th April 1960
Place of Birth: 
Legs & Co
First TV appearance: 
Last TV appearance: 
22 October 1981


By Gary P. Rose

Rosemary Hetherington was born on 9th April 1960 in Surrey. At the age of eleven, she won a scholarship at the Italia Conti Arts Theatre in London, where she trained in all aspects of dancing, music and drama. She left school, aged 16, in 1976 and auditioned for and was accepted into the resident dance troupe Legs & Co who performed every week, for five years, on the BBC's Top of the Pops programme.

After Legs & Co, she joined the popular singing group Guys 'n' Dolls. She got the job after receiving a telephone call from Guys 'n' Dolls member Julie Forsyth, who Rosie knew from stage school. Julie told Rosie that Guys 'n' Dolls were looking for a new member and asked if she was interested. She went to meet Julie and the rest of the group and, at the end of 1981, was taken on. Her first engagement with Guys 'n' Dolls was a small gig in Holland after which she toured Indonesia. The group was contracted to E.M.I. recording company and had many top 10 hits in England and abroad and performed to huge audiences world-wide. She left Guys 'n' Dolls when the group disbanded in 1986.

Following the split, Rosie did lots of gigs in England and then opened a very successful clothes shop in Brighton, where she met her husband, Clive. She got married and moved to London where she did a few more gigs before deciding to start a family.

After the birth of her daughter, she set up and ran, for 10 years, her own pre-school music group company called Tinkerbells, teaching over 180 pupils per week. During this time, she sang and produced her own C.D's, selling thousands of copies. In 2008, the opportunity arose for her take over a Drama Academy in Sussex. Having had first-hand experience with teaching children at Tinkerbells, it seemed like a natural progression for Rosie to accept the position. As the Academy's Principal, she runs regular classes with the support of her husband.

(c) G.P. Rose 2011



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Hi, Three friends of mine are wanting to get back in touch with Rosemary from Leg's and Co. They were all friends at Italia Conti. In fact they were all in the same class. One of which is Alison Thomas who was a dancer in Zoo. The other two are Penny Kendal and Nikki Critcher.



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Sounds like an excellent class reunion.Good luck with that Dave.

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Just sent you a message Flight14, maybe you could help?


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Well, no help from One For The Dad's.